My Reviewers LLC Terms of Service

Last Updated: 9/23/16

Welcome to My Reviewers, . Our Services were originally developed at the University of South Florida (USF). Faculty and Writing Program Administrators at USF have worked with faculty throughout the U.S. and Europe to develop these Services with hopes of helping students realize their creative potential as writers, readers, and reviewers.

A legal document, the Terms of Service (“Terms”) dictate permissible access and use of all services and products (“Services”) provided by My Reviewers LLC. Please read them carefully.

Background Information about My Reviewers

My Reviewers LLC (“My Reviewers” or “Us” or “We”) licenses Services from the University of South Florida. My Reviewers has the exclusive rights to license Services pursuant to its Agreement with USF.

My Reviewers LLC is located at 6324 South Queensway Drive, Tampa, FL 33617, United States. To contact us, visit our Contact Page: .

Updates to the Services and Terms of Agreements

We are working daily to improve Services. We welcome your questions and suggestions about Services: .

As we further develop Services, we will update these Terms of Service (Terms). When we make modifications or add new Services, we will update our Terms and publish the revisions. You will be able to access the Terms from most pages at My Reviewers because we will put a hyperlink to the Terms in the footer of most pages. By continuing to use My Reviewers, you accept the Terms of Service, as modified.

Emails to Users

As a component of our services, we may email you service updates, questions regarding usability, and invitations to participate in research projects. You may opt out of research projects.

Your License (Subscription)

  1. As the Licensor, you are responsible for purchasing the licensing fee, which also may be referred to as a subscription fee. My Reviewers reserves the right to adjust pricing yet users are guaranteed the pricing for subscriptions for which they have already paid. My Reviewers reserves the right to cancel your subscription if payment for a subscription period is not settled successfully due to expiration of a credit card or insufficient funds.
  2. As the Licensor, you are eligible for a refund within a 30-day period after purchasing your license so long as you notify us within the 30-day period at h ttp:// . Refunds will be processed in the same form as the payment was made. Processing may take between one and two weeks. My Reviewers will not provide refunds or credits for partially completed subscription periods beyond thirty days.
  3. My Reviewers may provide licenses for free to users on a trial basis. Typically, trials are arranged with instructors or with institutions. My Reviewers reserves the right to determine eligibility for trials.
  4. Once your account has been created, you are granted a license to use the My Reviewers product for the length of time specified in your license agreement. The length of the agreement is typically determined by the length of a term or semester. Either six or twelve months is a common licensing period. This license is non-exclusive. You are not the sole licensee. Once your license expires or is terminated, you will no longer have access to My Reviewers.

General Usage Agreement

  1. You agree to follow U.S. copyright, patent, trademark laws and confidentiality agreements. In other words, you agree only to upload data to which you have legal access.
  2. You agree to provide accurate information about yourself when registering your account.
  3. You may delete your account during your licensing period at any time.
  4. You agree not to upload any content that is libelous, unlawful, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, lewd, threatening, harassing, hateful, bigoted, or otherwise objectionable. You agree not to stalk or harass other students or instructors.


My Reviewers or your instructor or your school, high school, college, university or learning institution may suspend or discontinue your use of My Reviewers if you do not comply with these Terms. Below are some of the instances that would warrant account termination:

  1. Your license does not permit you to access or attempt to access My Reviewers by any other means other than the interface provided. For instance, you are not permitted to access data from any other account or circumvent any access restrictions put into place to prevent certain access or use of My Reviewers.
  2. You may not sublicense My Reviewers to other users nor can you resell or allow others to use your license. You may not copy, stream, disable, destroy, or modify or attempt to copy, stream, disable, destroy or modify My Reviewers or use My Reviewers to construct any type of database.
  3. Your license is meant to be used only by users purchasing the license. You must not enable or allow others to use My Reviewers using your account information.
  4. You agree not to use frame or inline links to access any content from My Reviewers. In other words, you may not publish content that is solely available from My Reviewers thanks to your license/subscription to My Reviewers. You may not “spider” or “crawl” My Reviewers Services.
  5. You may not reverse engineer or attempt to reverse engineer My Reviewers.

Rights to Your Data

  1. You are solely responsible for all content you upload to My Reviewers.
  2. You, the Licensee, retain all rights and ownership of your papers. All of the papers or comments you upload to My Reviewers belongs to you.
  3. You may download your papers and comments from your account at any time during your license period. After the conclusion of your license period, you will no longer have access to your data.
  4. Identified Data is uploaded content submitted by the Licensee that is associated with identity information such as the unique names of the Licensee or the Licensee’s employees, e.g., names, emails, or other personal identifiers. My Reviewers will not share the Licensee’s Identified Data with the exception of his or her instructor, school, college, or high school or learning institution for grade-reporting or for instructional and program-evaluation purposes. During your coursework and after the conclusion of your license period, your Identified Data will be accessible to your school, high school, college, university or learning institution for five years for instructional and program-evaluation purposes. My Reviewers may view your Identified Data for the purposes of De-Identifying data. My Reviewers may also view your Identified Data to assist you with My Reviewers management or analysis issues.
  5. De-Identified Data is uploaded content submitted by the Licensee that has Identified Data removed or generalized. My Reviewers will not share your De-Identified Data unless you give consent to share that data with researchers. If you give your permission to share De-Identified Data with researchers and later change your mind, you may do by informing us of your decision at .
  6. To the extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify My Reviewers, and its officers, agents and employees from any claim, demand, loss or damages, including reasonable attorney?s fees arising out of or related to your data, your use of My Reviewers, or your violation of these terms. You agree to be solely responsible for any loss of data or for any damage to your computer system experienced while working on My Reviewers.

Relationship of Parties

  1. You understand and agree that nothing herein contained is intended, or should be construed, as creating or establishing the relationship of partners between the parties hereto, or as constituting you, the Licensee, as the agent or representative of My Reviewers to any contracts or other obligations. You shall not expressly or impliedly represent to any party that you and My Reviewers are partners or that you are the agent or representative of My Reviewers or for any purpose or in any manner whatsoever.